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View our testimonials regarding our service and car care events.

Regarding our Service

I want to tell you how pleased I was with my last dealing with your company. When my car was almost done, Kevin saw that my two back windows had tape marks on them. He scraped them and washed them for me. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

~Doreen L of Haverhill, MA

WOW! what service. I was waiting for the phone company to repair my business line and knew that if I left to take my car for service I would miss them. I called and explained to Mark that I would have to cancel my appointment because I was waiting for the phone company. He said "No Prolbem...would you like me to pick up the car and we can come back to get you when it is ready or after the phone company makes their service call." Talk about service! Of course I said YES!

~Anita H of Haverhill, MA

Even after moving into New Hampshire, I still continue to return to your business because of your honest reliable service. It's great to feel comfortable with the servicing and pricing of any work done.

~Phyllis B of Raymond, NH

Every time I've come in, it has been nothing but professional. Very friendly.

~Ed B of Haverhill, MA

Professional and respectful as usual...thank you......You truly have earned our respect.

~Rick K of Haverhill, MA

It's always a pleasure to have my car serviced at Ray's. The staff is professional, pleasant, and courteous. I wouldn't take my vehicle anywhere else.

~Eileen R of Sandown, NH

Zero dissapointment....very excited to find a local shop I can trust.

~Joseph D of Haverhill, MA

It's nice that you are so close by AND that your garage is the absolute best in everything. Thank you, as always, for helping us out!

~Debbie N of Haverhill, MA

Ray's is the "corner mechanic" everyone hopes to find. We have come to rely on your super-friendly service, excellent work, accomodating schedule, and fair prices. We can't thank you all enough!!

~Colleen K of Haverhill, MA

We have never been disappointed with service or quality of work. Rays Auto has always gone the extra mile to take care of our needs! We owe you a debt of Gratitude! Thank You! Sarah

~Sarah P of Merrimac, MA

The work was done on time and under the price that was quoted. I have been looking for a auto service shop for some time as the one that I have been going to went out of business I have to say that I going to stick with you guys for some time to come!!

~Arthur H of Haverhill, MA

We are VERY impressed with your customer service!

~Dave L of Haverhill, MA

I can't tell enough people about Ray's. Thanks for doing the extra things (big and small) to make business pleasurable :)

~Robin C of Haverhill, MA

My wife and I are always exceptionally satisfied with the quality of work done on our 2 Toyota's. We always recommend Ray's Auto to all our friends. The best auto service we have ever had!

~Brian C of Methuen, MA

Your waiting room is very pleasant and comfortable.  My son enjoys reading your Guiness World Book of Records.

~Laura W N. Hampton, NH

I just moved to the area and very happy I found Ray's Auto for my automobile needs. I will bring both my car and my wife's car there for all of our needs. I will try to send more business your way as I make friends in my new town :)

~Joseph D of Haverhill, MA

What can I say? Your business runs more professionally than most, if not all, dealership service operations. I personally thank you for your service efforts and wish you well in the future. See you again soon.

~Bob F of Methuen, MA

All I can say is thank you for due diligence for recommending services for keeping our cars in top shape Jim

~Jim A of Haverhill, MA

I have learned to listen to Kevin. When he tell me something is due, it actually is due. I made the mistake twice. Thanks! Tim

~Tim B of Haverhill, MA

Thank you again for taking such good care of my car. I have to say it is always a pleasure coming in for service and leaving with confidence that my car is 100% taken care of.

~Elaine R of Exeter, NH

No disappointment. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for taking me unscheduled last Monday. It was a major job and you guys were able to finish in one day. I certainly appreciate your skills and willingness to help. Thanks again.

~Ken H of Haverhill, MA

I am not dissapointed, I just wanted to share the great experience that I have had for years. Kevin is a joy to speak to, always courteous and professional. You should be proud to have him be the first person that customers interact with at Ray's. Also, when there have been unexpected mechanical issues etc. with our cars, the staff is knowledgeable and able to explain the problem (and solution) to us in detail. Thanks again.

~Barbara D of Haverhill, MA

I was never disappointed, I was totally impressed. As a trainer in customer service for Exxon Mobil, I am always evaluating the service I receive from the people I do business with. You gentlemen were absolutely great. You not only were up front about the tire I needed but you didn't force me to purchase it from you. That means a lot to a woman. I have recommended your business to many people and will continue to do so. You are definitely rare in this world. By the way, my job requires me to offer a job to someone who I think would be an asset to Mobil, but I didn't think any of you would be interested. Thanks.

~Pam S. of Haverhill, MA

I have been a customer of Ray's Auto for quite a few years. I recommended the service to family members and all agree service plus personnel could not be better.

~Elaine R. of Exeter

You guys are the best. I trust you totally and know you will do the best job possible. Thanks!

~Inez S. of Haverhill

As always, you guys did a great job. I've had to be very cost conscious lately so the coupons are great to have. You do a great job pointing out things before they become a major problem. But once again, I need to schedule things according to what I budget for, so knowing what is important to do and what can wait is good.

~Chester F. of Haverhill.

Everyone needs a good Doctor, Dentist, and mechanic they can trust. I would trust Ray's Auto with any of my vehicle needs. The last visit their was just a diagnosis of a check engine light problem, but not only did they drive my wife and 18 month old son back and forth to our house while the work was being done, but they went through the rest of the car in detail and outlined preventative maintenance and things that may need attention in the future. They've worked on my cars for 5 years now, and they are always spot on with their estimates and will never do any work without fully explaining it to the customer. I believe they are the best Auto Service shop in the Merrimack Valley / Northeast MA / Southern NH Area.

~David T. of Salem, NH.

I have known Ray's Auto Service since they were in Methuen and have used their repair service ever since I owned a vehicle. Always have received fair and honest service and continually recommend them to anyone looking for a repair facility.

~Bill L. of Haverhill.

I am so pleased to have found a very customer friendly car service provider in my new community. Thanks for the great service!

~Sharon P. of Haverhill.

I have always had such phenomenal experiences at Ray's. I have taken my car(s) there for over 5 years now, and wouldn't go anywhere else!!

~Meaghan W. of Haverhill.

Hello, For sometime now I have been getting Inspection stickers for my truck and wife's car with you. (Due to both vehicles under warranty). But now my truck is out of the warranty period and I am impressed with your staff and establishment that I will be bringing my truck to you for future services. Keep up the good work and.. Thank you.

~Timothy M. of Haverhill.

Never disappointed with Ray's. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Today, they even noticed my inspection sticker expires this month and I hadn't even noticed so I'm very appreciative!! THANK YOU!

~Valerie D. of Merrimac

I have found that although I may not always be the trusting sort when it comes to dealing with mechanics and work needed on my vehicle, the staff at Ray's have always dealt with the issues in a professional, trusting manner. I don't feel as though they are trying to "cheat" me in any way, I wouldn't go anyplace else ever again.

~Kathleen D. of Haverhill.

Kevin and the rest of the staff are the best. I wouldn't bring my car anywhere else. Go Patriots.

~Bob C. of Haverhill.

My husband, Paul and I are new customers and are thrilled with the excellent service that we receive at your company. Your staff is wonderful. Kevin was extremely helpful in handling a failed inspection with our truck. We had the repairs done at your facility and it then passed the inspection and is running great. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

~The S. Family of Haverhll.

You guys continue to surprise us with your innovative customer service, which is rare if not none existent these days.

~George and Jean M. of Haverhill.

Can you move closer to Andover? :-)

~Melissa B. of Andover.

Regarding our Car Care Events

Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you, and Jay, for doing such a fantastic job leading our local Boy Scouts in earning their Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge. The class room setting was top notch as were the hands on exercises. The quality of the program you put on echoes the high standard of quality you provide in the day to day automotive services you deliver. I know many of the parents who attended were totally blown away at the quality and cleanliness of your shop and have told me that they will be bringing their vehicles to you for service. Again, we all very much appreciate your continued dedication to our local youth and the time you take from your personal life to deliver such a program.

~Bob F of Haverhill, MA

The presentation was clear and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed changing the tire! Now I can help my dad work on his car!

~Stephanie A. of Haverhill.

Hi Mark, My favorite part of the car care badge today was changing a tire and watching the funny commercials. I learned that you should always wear your seat belt the right way to be protected. Thanks for a fun time!

~Kelly O. of Haverhill.

I was with the Girl scout troop on 3-8-08. Excellent presentation. Thank you, I feel like I learned a lot.

~Veronica G. of Haverhill.

I am very impressed with the thoroughness of the presentation and the knowledge shared. The in-depth coverage left nothing to question. Thank you for taking the time to teach us everything we need to know about car care. The quality level of service you provided to our troop proves the quality level of service you would provide your customers. If I am ever in need of vehicle maintenance or service, I would use Ray's Automotive without hesitation and I would highly recommend to everyone I know. Your dedication to the community is also very highly valued as it proves you are a trustworthy resource. Thank you again, for taking the time to teach us about car care, we appreciate it tremendously.

~Sincerely, Barbara A. Troop ####