Ray Lapointe 1929 - 2011

Hello! My name is Ray Lapointe and I thought I would take a minute to give you a little history about Ray's Auto.

I started working in the auto repair industry in the later months of 1949. Over the next fifteen years I worked at several repair shops including "Bennie Richards," Lawrence Mack, and Taylor Buick to name a few, in an effort to support my family which had grown to include of course my wife Rita along with two girls and four boys. I found myself working very long hours and still not being able to provide the things that my family needed.

At this point I decided to open my own service station with gasoline pumps figuring if I have to put in the long hours at least it will be for my own good. Ray's 66 in Methuen was opened in January 1965. As the boys grew, each of them worked in the business while going to school which not only gave them a little spending money but kept them busy enough to stay out of trouble. The boys were a great help in the hours they worked and in developing our motto: "always honesty". This way of thinking helped develop a great clientele -- many of which are still valued customers today.

The business flourished over the next twenty years or so until I was informed that the building we were renting was sold to a developer, and I was forced to look for a new location. In 1985 the current location of Ray's Auto was made available on the real estate market and I purchased it as our new home.

Today Ray's Auto is operated by maintaining excellent workmanship and the same "always honesty" policy. I retired from the business in 1992.

Ray's History